Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tears and Blood in Gaza New Year

One night before New Year eve, my wife asked me where shall we celebrate the New Year?! I thought for a while, finally I decided not to stay home. An hour later, I received a phone call from a dear friend from France wishing me a happy New Year and then she asked me the same kind of question about where we'll celebrate the New Year.
I really thought deeply of what kind of New Year Gaza should celebrate?! How I can have pleasant time whereas hundred of pilgrims coming back from Mecca are stranded in Cairo can not enter back homes.
Gaza New Year simultaneous an Israeli bloody incursion, southern of Gaza, harvest dozens of Gazans lives. The bloody New Year in Gaza comes during unmerciful siege imposed against Gazans since June 2007.
At the end my wife I decided to stay home and not to celebrate but to cry instead of all the suffering we have and others in the Gaza Strip.
In night time, I went out with colleagues and friends. We talked about the season topics whish are the hardship that Gazans are living under. I came back home at 10pm, my son was in bed like little angel, my wife was waiting me. We watched TV to see how people all over the world are happy celebrating New Year with firework and partying.
"Why don't we have fun and celebrate the New Year as any ordinary people in the world? Aren't we human and have rights in life and to have fun?!" my wife wondered and asked me waiting to answer her back. Her words were like bill ringing in to my ears but I preferred to keep silent because I did not have an answer.
In the next day I got my salary, which I suppose to be a happy, I spent most of it distributing it to my brothers, parent and house food as I am the only source of income and responsible for about 12 members family. I have limited mount of money left for my son, wife, the car and myself. In the first of January I went for shopping and I bought presents for my child, then for my sick mother and finally for my wife. They were so happy, however I used up all my salary but I was not thinking about anything other than how to give them little happiness.
More Gazans died as a result of Israeli attacks, invasions, and incursions in the night of the New Year where families left in broken hearts leaving their sons.
I wish I could say "Happy New Year Gaza", however bloodshed, blockade, lack of money, shortage of food, medicine, and electricity, have banned me from thinking about "happy" phrase.

Finally I dedicate this message to the world by saying, Happy New Year to all people all over the world, have fun and enjoy your time, appreciate the meaning of fun where because there are people in the world like Gazans can find fun at all. With our soul and Blood we tell you Happy New Year.