Sunday, December 2, 2007

Train of Death in Gaza

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are suffering a great deal shortage of medical instruments, disposables, and delicate tools for serious surgeries. This shortages force hospitals to transfer critical cases outside the Gaza Strip for an immediate treatment; however patients are prevented by Israel to leave Gaza as a result of Gaza siege.
Beofre June 2007, hospitals used to carry out staid surgery as tools and medical equipments were available, yet in the time being nothing is available, no more serious surgeries are taken place in Gaza hospitals due to inhuman siege.
There is lack of ticklish disposables such as "Anesthetic" banned them doing any critical operation. One of examples, is Bassam Harara 35 year's old who wake up conscious during his kidney medical surgery asanesthetic run out. Bassam died a week later of the operation as a result in October 2007. Moreover, several "Cancer Cases" have passed a way as preventing them leaving to get urgent and necessarily treatments. 300 cases are waiting death too for same reasons. Since Jun 2007 About 67 Palestinians have died as a result of.
According to MoH reports that about 300 – 400 cases used to be transferred monthly to get treatment outside of Gaza, while last September about 100 cases only, and much less number in Nov.
In cardiology unit at Al Shefa hospital in Gaza City, Mr. Ali Ahel suffers a critical arteriosclerosis in the heart, blood pressure, and diabetes that might cause to his death any moment in case he did not get out of Gaza immediately to go for an open heart surgery. He is still waiting which put his life in danger. Now, he has been waiting since two months and he been banned but he is still waiting permission to leave either from Gaza or to leave life.
Mr. Ahel is 57 years old from Gaza city, has a family of eight members, and he is the only breadwinner for his children as he was working as a tailor in Gaza.
Doctors at AlShefa hospital said that he is in a very critical conditions and requires immediate surgery0 out side of Gaza other wise his chances of survive are very little
"We can not do anything for his conditions as he requires valve of the heart, and widening the heart artery. This paitent might pass away in the hospital any moment and we are completely disabled to help him." Said Dr. Nasser Al Tatter is the Head of Cardiology Unit in Al Shefa Medical Compound, describing the medical case of Ali Ahel.
Besides to Ali's deadly medical conditions he is also a handicapped person, though he has been denied of leaving Gaza.
"My family has applied to times to the Israeli side in order to let me get my life surgery out side of Gaza but I have been denied twice. Just I can not understand the fact I am denied from leaving Gaza… what a handicapped with all this fatal diseases could do "Ali Ahel Mentioned.
"I am waiting death now however, I am faithful enough of Allah to wait of death if its my fate. For me I am a father o 10 children, the youngest is 6 years old, they all requires a real care, no one of my children is working, even the oldest... I don't know what they will do after my death… Only Allah will be beside them". He said with teary eyes.
Still there is hope carried by Ali Ahel as he applied for permission and expecting an answer in 5th of December wishing the answer this time will positive.
"I appeal all people all over the world to at my case and Palestinians and try to help me; I can not stand pains anymore." He added.

Gazans Message:
Due to the Ministry of Health figures about 400-450 patients suffer from severe shortage in cardiology drugs. The breaking down of some therapeutic and diagnostic equipment in cardiology departments has worsened the situation.
Other needed and urgent requirements for hospitals are; Hem-dialysis machines, Diesel and natural Gas, Cleaning detergents, Foods for patients, Cloth and dressings, Medical Gases, and many other machines and instruments related the Cardiology Units.
As the tragic situation in Gaza, Ministry of Health appeal to the International Community to take an immediate action to put an end to this catastrophe which threatens the health sector to collapse, as reported at MoH minimum appeal to the humanitarian organization at their website.