Thursday, November 15, 2007

Farewell Marwan and See you Soon

Two days ago and during Arafat's memorial rally about 200.000 Palestinians have participated in huge desmonstration in Gaza City, at the first hour it was peacful and calm, people were chanting against Israeli and Hamas. Suddenly, things have changes up-side-down when un-known person opened fire, killed one of Hamas policeman, pushed Hamas to open fire. About 8 people were killed and 100 others injured 5 others seriously as a result of serious clashes between Hamas excutive force and rally participants.
One of those who got killed is my neighbor Merwan Al Nouno 21 years old, lives next door and he is the bone friend of my youngest brother. Merwan was in the rally for the memorial of Arafat. He got shot right in the head, left him in critical conditions and today he passed away. It was very shocking news to me and to all of my family.
His father and mother went crazy crying and weeping their dead son. But the question is why he got killed? who killed him? Who should be responsible for such painful crime? No answer. Merwan was like a colorful flower got picked before the right time. I feel so sad for this young man, as he abandoned us in unmerciful conditions we are living in Gaza. I am telling Merwan you don't have to worry about anything anymore because you are dead now, and remember that we are not much different, we are the same of you, dead exactly as you, because Gaza has no borders, food supplies, security, medicine, or even life.
Tell me, whats the different?
Goodbye Merwan, no... see you later, or maybe soon. May Allah Blessed you. Farewell Merwan.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am not Fatah or Hamas, I am a Palestinian

Since Hamas takeover the Gaza Strip, Fatah strarts to play the role of victim in the West Bank leaving Gaza and West Banks as two seperated parts. This increased the fighting between Palestinian brothers. I really do not trust any of them any more. The only victim in such internal crisis are normal Palestinians citizens who have no left to stand next to them but Allah.
So sad to see Palestinians fighting for something they do not control which power and government. Power have blind their eyes and def their ears.
What am saying her that the world should interact with Palestinians to help, not to increase the problem as the American Government is support Abu Mazen party gainst Hamas to deepen the problem instead of solving it.