Monday, February 11, 2008

Gaza Sense of Insecurity

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak's declare a wide military attacks in Gaza to bring an end to Palestinian home rockets launched to the Israel in Sedirot twon. Israel says that they might target Palestinian Hamas political leaders in Gaza, in an indication to Palestinian former Prime Minister Isma'el Hania. Furthermore, an Israeli minister called intensifying the attacks against all police stations, as well as targeting all resistance. "Israeli must target all police stations in Gaza, and we do consider any one carrying a gun is a target for us". Said Liberman, the foreign Minister in the Israeli government led my Olmert.

Gazans are very anxious as violant decisions taken by Israel, waiting what might happen; meanwhile Palestinian resistance is holding their positions challenging the Israeli threats. "We are taking all needed precautions to our leaders but if anything happened to our leaders, Hamas won't stand watching" Said Moshier El Masri, a member for Palestinian Legislative Council, representing Hamas.

Gaza night is very calm exactly as the calmness precede the storm while people are scard and few people in streets although it still early. Gaza streets are dark due to electricity cut off, cars are limited because of fuel shortage. "The situation in Gaza is terrifying and we don't know weather we live for tomorrow or we die" said Ahmed Ghoa, 30 years old driving a taxi in Gaza city "I have been driving around Gaza city streets since an hours, I only waist fuel that's why I will drive back home for my daughter and wife and stay next to them in case Israel attack take palce" he added.

Staying home with candle light is so boring especially when my four and a half month child is crying all the time because he dose not like darkness, my wife was busy calming him down. I called a friend; his name is Hatem 23 years old from Gaza city, to go out together. I drove my car in the city as if I am driving in a ghost town, no lights, no people, nothing but the sound of Israeli F16 flying over Gaza. Eventually I arrived to Hatem's home after driving around to avoid a police station located next to his home. "Where shall we go, police stations are everywhere in Gaza city and am worried that they target a building or a police station while we're driving" Hatem said.

We drove carefully around in Gaza streets for about an hour and then I went back home to my family. Luckily, the power was back in my house. My parents were unusually sleeping because of the electricity cut of. My wife told me that the power just came on and my son is sleeping.

I live in West of Gaza city near by a police station named AL 'Abbas station'. My son was the only thing in my mind makes me worried, I looked at his innocent face while sleeping, thinking what might happens if the Israel F16 target the building with a heavy missile as they do usually when they target buildings. Directly I went to open all my house windows because of pressure incase of any sudden attacks.

I could not sleep all night long, checking my son from time to time losing the sense of security that any human all over the world should have as minimum to live and survive.

The bottom line is that we as Palestinians in Gaza live an extreme miserable conditions and horror as we suffer lack of security more than anything else...