Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost Dream in Gaza

Israel has killed the meaning of life and ambitions inside me. I was and still looking for a chance to find a better life and future for my family ans self.
I am one of one and half million inhabitants are living in less than 3060 Kilo Miter Square; unfortunately we have no chance in life or hope left, the thanks to Israel.
Gazans have no terminals to move in or out Gaza, but why that??? Gazans have'nt food supplies, gas, fuel, medical equipments and many other basics needed for any human being to exist…. Why is that?
Dozens of Gazans have died as medical shortage and closure, due to Israeli closuer, preventing gaza patients from leaving Gaza for urgent treatments.
Why do you kill everything charming and sweet in my Gaza? Why you make Gaza as a big jail where animals refuse to live in. Poverty, un-employment, and high living cost have dramatically increased too, as citizens inable to stand this. Israel stopped thousands of workers to work inside Israel, those jobless with no income.
The concept of life willingness been killed by Israel. Sometimes, I look about the positive side in Gaza, sadly barly find somthing but nothing. I Look again and again closley to find a reason behind siege I realize there is no reason but Israel. How can we love Israel and live together next door with each other.
Killing to them is driving a tank and shot some one, or flying with military f16. They kill us physical and psychologically.
The question here, how and where can I build up a better future for my family?, how can I learn from others experiences to teach my people in Gaza, in the time I can not have chance to get out. What I know that Israel has killed every thing remarkable that I could enjoy or any Gazans could, killed our future that every youth all over the world is dreaming to accomplish. The question is WHY?